everything you see that glitters isn't always gold, everything you think it's perfect isn't always
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The good parts are so good, you’re willing to suffer an unbelievable amount of pain, just to get to them.

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Vanessa Hudgens
Coachella 2014

"Without love we are not truly living. Nobody in this world wants to feel alone. Nobody wants to feel that they can’t be themselves. We are all the best versions of ourselves when we have love and acceptance in our live."

"You are great, and you can do great things, and you are good enough, and smart enough, and pretty enough to be happy… you just have to believe that.”

beyoncé at coachella 2014

Taylor Swift’s hair evolution

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dianna agron at coachella (april 11, 2014)

katy perry and lea michele at coachella (april 12, 2014)

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