Dianna Agron volunteers during the 2014 Big Slick Celebrity Weekend in Kansas City, Missouri

"When you always ended up frustrated with your life, try to accept that life operates according to its own rules. When you did, everything will start falling into place.”

"My past made me who I am today. I can’t just pretend it never happened. But the biggest lesson I learnt from that, is that I can be an example for others who are still struggling. There’s always hope and help for everyone. I think it’s my responsibility to do that, to help. I always refer to this as the "moment of clarity". It’s hard to explain what really happened, but it was a once in a lifetime kind of moment. I had reached my lowest point and I just knew things had to change quickly because there was just no other way, you know."

Cory Monteith
May 11, 1982 - July 13, 2013